A. The Picture Of Dorian Gray

A reinterpretation of the classic Oscar Wilde novel, The Picture of Dorian Gray. You can pass the preface as a first page. After you click on a link, inviting you to the twitter-widget of each character. They work as each page. The feature of character controls over the each account. All tweets are limited to 140 characters. There is a supplement which has been mentioned about '#Dorian Gray' in real time.

E. GaGuGae

Visual glitch collections from Korean national anthem. All glitches are in which there is an error with torrent. I edited gliches on the capture & the backwarded sound from Korean national anthem. It is entitled "GaGuGae".

F. Swing Brewery Project

I brewed four types of beer myself. Each beer is matched with swing dances by a leading interview expert. I named the brewery as "Swing Brewery". I designed the logo using S & W from swing. The label follows the four characteristic dances.

Lindyhop-IPA & Jitterbug-Blonde ale & Balboa-Brown ale & Blues-Stout.


G. Marry had a little lamb

Carrier traced the waveforms of the street and vibrated to produce the sound of Seoul.

'Mary had a little lamb' is the first song of phonograph.

L. Record

D. Schlangenlinien

This is a website for a artist based in M√ľnchen, "Jonghoon Im".

K. Cheongnyangni

B. Recycled Images

Article collections written in a text, "Above image 'not associated' with the article" - There is a big paradox.

After you click on a link, inviting you to see the movement of recycled images from different articles.

On the next page, when you move your cursor into the center of the image, it will turn. To move to another area, it will stop. After you click that area that opens the original article.

C. The Hands Of Chelsea E.Manning

This work has continued up to the work that is called "Recycled Images". I found out that the source of "Handcuffed man" is the article of "Bradley Manning".

(Please roll over & click the images)

H. How to work Better

J. Congratulation on Graduation
I. Putain!